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Also, do the same for other online accounts if you are using same passwords on multiple sites.

Just last month, Equifax publicly disclosed a breach of its systems that exposed personal data of as many as 143 million US customers. A massive database of 630 million email addresses used by a spambot to send large amounts of spam to has been published online in what appears to be one of the biggest data dumps of its kind."Indeed, to send spam, the attacker needs a huge list of SMTP credentials.To do so, there are only two options: create it or buy it," Benkow said."Since the URL is rendered post-delivery, an email gateway solution such as Mimecast cannot find, rewrite, or inspect the destination site on-click, because at the time of delivery there would be no URL to detect," the report reads."To do so would require the interpretation of CSS files, which is beyond the scope of current email security systems." Although the security firm has not detected the Ropemaker attack in the wild, it believes that this doesn't mean for sure the attack is "not being used somewhere outside the view of Mimecast." According to the security firm, Ropemaker could be used by hackers to bypass most common security systems and trick even the tech savvy users into interacting with a malicious URL.

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  1. Amnesty International has called on Theresa May to order an urgent government-wide search for the documents, while Labor MP Jon Trickett has warned that the loss “will only fuel accusations of a cover-up”.

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